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Coping with the Daily Humbling and Unnerving Experiences…

There are people and experiences that make you feel humble. In contrast, there are people who brag so much so that one ends up opening the doors to an inferiority complex, slyly lurking outside. Very soon after I get up in the morning, I switch on the Vividh Bharati channel on the radio. One feelsContinue reading “Coping with the Daily Humbling and Unnerving Experiences…”


Ahaaaa! The comfort of returning to familiar precincts… As if after sitting for a month in the open, on the verandah outside, one has returned to the warmth inside… As if one has returned to look outside from an endearing window, with a steaming cup of tea…  As if some boulders that had come rollingContinue reading “COMEBACK”

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